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security would mean more vulnerability to attacks from hackers in china and at home threatening our tra structure. furloughs and layoffs would affect more than 8 huchb,000 workers in the defense industry at the same time that north korea is testing a nuclear bomb. cuts at the irs would mean fewer tax return reviews and longer waits to get refunds. more than 100,000 people would be thrown out of emergency housing onto the streets. one way or another, everyone is it going to feel this. while washington continues to play the blame game. >> the bottom line is very simple. republicans have proposed devastating cuts. >> washington democrats have gotten used to republicans bailing them out of their own lack of responsibility. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> all right. ali, thank you very much on that one. let's go to the racetrack. danica patrick is the first woman to win the pole position in nascar's biggest race. her life, her love and her racing have all been in the spotlight long before this week. we'll look at what makes her tick straight ahead. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ]
. >> china, we talked about this as well is the biggest offender when it comes to hacking. we had that report that accuses the chinese military of being linked to a major hacking group. this was in shanghai. we'll show you these pictures. this was our own reporter trying to get lose to the building where the hacking is reportedly taking place. they were chased away. what do you make of that response. usually reporters get chased away when they are filming in china without permission. what do you make of that response? >> we were lucky because we were able to break the story. our reporter was able to go out and take pictures pretty quickly with his phone. but now that the story is out i know that they are being very cautious about letting media go report about this. >> china says it's not us. what do you make that? >> yeah. i think their quote is always it's unprofessional and baseless to accuse china. the fact is that there are thousands of attacks that are coming from one ip range in shanghai, and we mention this in our report. we couldn't get in the building. but if it's not the chinese the
of the app proved a challenge. we eventually located him in northeastern china where he was visiting. by skype he shared his reaction to finding out his app was used in an oscar nominated film. >> it's crazy. we are pretty thrilled. >> reporter: hearing about his app's connection to the film inspired him to watch "searching for sugar man." >> what did you think? >> it's quite a touching film. >> reporter: hong is a fan of the movie by beng lou is a fan of the app. nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. >> pretty cool stuff. cnn continues with my friend christi paul. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> i want to first get you to southern california where at least three people and a gunman are dead after a chaotic shooting spree that spanned an entire county here. police blocked off this intersection near maple highway. they say they were called to at least three different shootings and car jack kings at different locations across southern california. we're learning this shooting spree came to an end when the gunman turned the gun on himself after killing at least three people. >> the
to protect the u.s. from devastating cyber attacks, and china considered one of the biggest offenders. the cyber security company, of course, has been saying it's identified a hacking group in shanghai with ties to china's military and says it watched those hackers systematically steal information from more than 140 companies. china denying any involvement. >>> and police still have no clue who managed to pull off a daring heist at the brussels airport. thieves managed to steal $50 million worth of diamonds from a plane on the tarmac. on monday night, two cars burst through the perimeter fence, the airport, sped towards the plane. authorities say the men were wearing police uniforms and were heavily armed. they were in and out of the airport within minutes. it is cnn's top international news story today. >>> of course, we are talking about the olympic star pistorius. everybody is following this. everybody is talking about this. it is really quite amazing. another night we're going to spend in jail. we don't know the outcome, whether he's going to be released on bail. this is playing o
around the world, a u.s. computer security firm claim this is building is where china's army carries out extensive hacking against the u.s. government. corporations and scores and scores of other organization around the world. china calls the report baseless, irresponsible, also unprofessional. >>> in belle jam, eight bold thieves pulled off a $50 million diamond heist. they drove two cars on to the tarmac of the brussel airport and swiped the diamonds from a jet liner. it took three minutes, and lots of questions about how it may have been an inside job. >>> she's been on the stand for more than a week, and court watchers wonder if today is the the day that jodi arias will finally testify about killing travis alexander. ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans
. >>> editors at the wall street journal say there are hackers in china, and they were trying to find out how the wall street journals was covering stories in china. and newspapers say they have now beefed up their cyber security. >>> we are also watching the markets, your money, as well. the dow hit 14000. it's the first time that the dow has reached 14000 since 2007. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. tell us how it happened. >> it's the jobs number that was pretty strong. it showed january's job reports, 157,000 jobs were added to the economy, but the way wall street sees it, it came in soft. wall street is looking at it at a more broader view, and they are looking at the momentum from november and december, and you are seeing a stronger trend continue, so that's good news obviously. but then again there has been an underlying optimism already in the market, and that's being fueled by the federal reserve. and that's buying up mortgage backed treasury and securities, and that's driving interest rates lower so the best game in town as far as investors see it to make money is her
are purchased from china and research chemical supply companies in china keep up with the law changes in the states. as soon as a couple are banded or outlawed, more are being shipped to wholesale distributors tweaked to skirt those laws. >> nothing can really be done to shut it down. >> it's frustrating. i wouldn't say nothing can be done. we're going after manufacturers and wholesalers for mislabeling and misbranding products and enforcing the laws in place when they do slip up and distribute those that have been banned. >> what can parents do knowing there aren't necessarily a lot of resources when it comes to the law at this point? what can parents do to make sure kids aren't getting ahold of this? >> parents need to be educated about the harmful effects. when i talked to students and go to career days and start talking about forensic science, i 0 notice the kids know far more about the drugs. than adults do and telling me things i have not seen in the lab. i say, don't be fooled by pretty packaging and labeling and appeals to the youth, graphic arts. i say easy access doesn't mea
's a big change. >> in the 21st century it's more than china flexing its muscles, it's a serious situation. i'm going to talk about simpson-bowles offering up a deficit fix. it was tossed in the garbage can a year ago by the president. the majority of the country wants a deal and this is a bipartisan deal that needs to be taken seriously. >> final word, ron brownstein? >> i'm struck how many stories we've done at every different level, hundreds, the vulnerability that we have in this interconnected world on every level, whether it's people's twitter accounts or facebook accounts or government to government. >> or burger king. >> or burger king. the way in which the world is changing is making us more connected but vulnerable. >> pales in the challenge of having two sets of identitial twins. >> and as three sets of parents of twins we can tell you those people will never sleep again once those babies come home that's it for five years no sleep. coming up tomorrow on "starting point" we're going to talk to r&b singer and author keith sweat, the actor alex krapovsky who plays "ray" on "girls.
in these nondescript buildings near shanghai in china. not only are they trying to steal company secrets and infiltrate global corporations, but they're doing it in cooperation with the people's liberation army. mandian says the government could be directing these attacks and over years tara bites of data have been stolen from key industries including aerospace, high tech and i.t. the chinese government has strongly come out against the allegations saying they're, quote, irresponsible and baseless. they took the unusual step to point the finger in the other direction saying that the chinese are also victims of hacking. mandian said it took the unusual step of releasing the research so other security companies can protect their clients globally and they could stop the specific hackers by outing them in the public. >> david mckenzie in beijing, thank you so much. this could have huge implicat n implications with not just corporate crime but also terror suspects using it to gain access to targets. we'll hone in with this with security consultant david kennedy, he's worked for the u.s. government and is k
of industries, from a singularly identified group based in china leaves little doubt about who is behind it. we believe the totality of the evidence we provide in this document bolsters the claim that the group is unit 61398." you're wondering what is 61398? that's a division of the chinese military headquartered in a white building near shanghai, where mandiant traced the attack. the chinese foreign ministry surprise, surprise, is denying the allegations. >> what can companies do to protect themselves? >> many are trying to step up their cyber security systems to guard against the cyber attacks, even "the new york times" recently hired mandiant after it reported it was the target of the chinese hackers though the attack didn't come from 61398 mandiant says. the u.s. government is getting involved, president obama issued an executive order making it easier for private companies that control critical inf infrastructure to share information about cyber attacks with the government. this order also directs the government to work with private companies on protection standards as well and you may hav
experts say china started targeting american news organizations in 2008 to monitor their coverage of chinese issues. >>> the next hour of the cnn "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. getting close to the top of the hour and topping the news right now, officials in alabama say the man holding a boy hostage in an underground bunker is allowing the delivery of potato chips, toys, and medicine. jinly lee dykes grabbed the 5-year-old boy from a school bus saturday after fatally shooting the driver. funeral services were held for the driver who is being hailed as a hero for protecting the other students. >>> new details about that missing american woman whose body was found yesterday in turkey. sarai sierra died from a blow to the head. the 32-year-old mother of two also had stab wounds. police are questioning up to ten people in connection with the case. she was reported missing after failing to board her flight home to new york on january 22nd. >>> i want you to take a look at this, a man whips out a knife at buckingham palace and holds it to his own
a full-blown nuclear power. china, north's main ally, also criticizing this test, as does russia, as does south korea, as does japan and many others. >>> president obama to give the state of the union address tonight. we know what one of his bombshells will be. cnn's jake tapper breaking the news. the president will announce by this time next year 34,000 american troops will be home from afghanistan. that's about half of all of the u.s. troops, who are currently in afghanistan right now. >>> the senate armed services committee will vote today on the nomination of chuck hagel for defense secretary. mr. hagel has encountered strong opposition from some members. but his nomination is expected to be approved and sent to the full senate for a vote. he's expected to be confirmed in just the coming days. >>> we only knew his first name, ethan, we knew little about his ordeal, just that it was an ordeal. he was held hostage for six days inside of this bunker in alabama. ethan and his mom are speaking out for the first time to dr. phil. >> how did you feel, when you heard that he might be crying f
, probably the only one north korea has, that would be china. how significant is this? >> reporter: this is significant, you have to think things have certainly changed, the relationship has shifted. up until now china has been a staunch supporter of north korea. it acts as a buffer but at the end of the day have hedgemony. by china backing the u.n. sanctions, that is a sign that really upset the north koreans, so i had to say this is a game changer. >> anna koren live from south korea this morning. >>> pope benedict xvi had a pace-maker adjusted three months ago but the procedure had nothing whatsoever to do with his resignation. joining me is our senior vatican analyst john allen. good morning, john. >> reporter: carol, good to be with us. >> so the replacement of the pope's pacemaker had nothing to do with his resignation? kind of hard to believe. >> reporter: nothing may be overselling it. there was no indication the pope was having eminent heart problems but obviously he himself had suggested that his age and diminishing strength and concerns about his long-term health were in
a picture. they want to see it. >>> later on, hacked by china's army? we'll tell you how they hit everybody from "the new york times" to burger condition that's what some people are saying anyway. that's after the break. nice! [ earl ] see for yourself. get the samsung galaxy s ii on t-mobile's nationwide 4g network. walmart. [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll say...my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> welcome back to cnn newsroom international. hear the stories making news round the world right now. >>> duchess of cambridge making her first appearance since announcing her pregnancy, first public appearance. people around the world were watching for signs of the baby bull. they spoke at a charity she supports. she said she was nervous about being a mom. she's due to give birth in july. >> while everybody has been watching the american airlines and u.s. air merger, there have been big changes at delta. that's a place you and i fly out of a lot. pay attention. >> it's affecting your frequent flyer miles. delta calls them sky miles. the
unveil an aggressive plan to help protect the u.s. from devastating cyber attacks. china will be a main focus. an american cyber security firm says it tracked a hacking network to hang high, and the chinese military. cnn reporters tried to investigate a building named as a home base for the hackers. police chased them away. take a look. >> keep driving. drive away. drive away. >> they're seriously running them down. china is denying any involvement in the recent attacks on american companies and institutions. and back in this country, former congressman jesse jackson jr. dabs his eyes with a handkerchief today as he pleaded guilty to using $750,000 of campaign money for personal expenses. among those purchases,s michael jackson memorabilia and a rolex watch. jackson is to be sentenced june 28th. his lawyer talked about the next step. >> the process that begins now is explaining that conduct to the audience that counts and that's obviously the sentencing judge. the way we're going to do it is not going to be on the courthouse steps. it's not going to be to oprah. no offense to oprah. we'
obama's inauguration. china as revelers ring in the lunar new year. drums, dragons, families and fireworks came together to welcome in the year of the snake. festivities took place in the u.s. and around the world. >>> it's called the biggest night in music industry. we're talking about tonight and talking about the grammys in los angeles. nichelle turner says she's seeing tighter security because of that manhunt. >>> while the mayor of los angeles is making sure the grammys are safe and secure, he's also vowing to find a dangerous ex-cop. that's christopher dorner. a $1 million reward now on the table. let's go straight out to casey wian in los angeles. a record reward now being offered here, right? >> reporter: that's right. and lapd chief charlie beck said, martin, it was remarkably easy to raise the money for that million-dollar reward. the mayor of los angeles saying the money came from corporations, charitable organizations, law enforcement groups, the city, lots of people banding together, showing just how important this effort is to the city of los angeles. here's wha
in the neighborhood, china, who said don't do this and he did it. they can turn off the oil and then he's in trouble. >> how is he changing his country? his father was eccentric, wore platform shoes and his own people were starved. the son's hanging out, got an amusement park. the woman -- the mystery woman we know is his wife, very different when it comes to their own society there. he's trying to be open, right? >> he's trying to appear that way in front of his people. the video of him with his wife at the amusement park that came out of a lot of rumor who is this woman. that was her coming out if you like, as being the wife. he wants to be seen as a man of the people. he wants to be seen as somebody who isn't a recluse like list dad was. this is a guy educated in switzerland. he's got a sense of the outside world but behaving in a bizarre way. the nuclear tests what good can come from this? that's the question everybody's asking unless he wants to build a nuclear weapon and that worries everyone. >>> more for "newsroom international." you know, of course, there's silverman, the funny foul-mouthed
here? is it china? >> you know this is now the dilemma for the intelligence community. it is like, think of it as "csi" north korea but you can't go to the crime scene to investigate. they're going to look at the test results and work their way backwards at the cia, trying to figure out, okay, if this was the test, how did they get there? do they really have the expertise to do it themselves or did they get help and perhaps maybe not china, maybe iran, maybe pakistan, a lot of concern that iranian scientists have traveled to north korea and that they are sharing their expertise and that, of course, takes this nuclear threat right back to iran, potentially. >> barbara starr, tim lister, thank you, both, very much. i appreciate it. >>> up next, this fantastic story, this homeless man finds something shiny in a cup carrying loose change. and what happens next means the world to one woman. >>> a kansas city woman's good deed nearly broke her heart. she accidentally dropped her engagement ring into this cup, this homeless man was holding when she was giving him loose change. she though
their computers had been compromised. security experts say china started this in 2008 targeting american news organizations to monitor their coverage of chinese issues. >>> seconds to go in the fourth quarter. the game is tied, and then something amazing happened. we'll show it to you next. quarter. officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy! with an online package including: domain name, website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores! we've decided to we're all having such a great year in the gulf, put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even better. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. so come to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> all right. the man w
, and "the wall street journal" all reported their computers had been compromised. security experts say china started targeting american news organizations in 2008 to monitor their coverage of chinese issues. >>> the next hour of the cnn "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. getting close to the top of the hour and topping the news right now, officials in alabama say the man holding a boy hostage in an underground bunker is allowing the delivery of potato chips, toys, and medicine. jinly lee
prices up. >>> china's military says it did not carry out cyber attacks against the united states. the denial comes a day after a virginia cyber security firm released a report about hack k claims by the chinese military. it claims this nonscript building is the home to some of those operations. this is what happened when a cnn camera crew tried to get shots of that building, chased away by security guards. interesting to say the at least. >>> one of the pope's final acts could be changing the rules on succession. a spoerm says he's considering a change in the constitution to allow cardinals to vote for his replacement sooner than march 15th. the pope is stepping down at the end of this month. >>> hard care gamers, sony unveils the play station today. since then the company has been losing market share to competitors, the ps 4 reportedly will stream games online. >>> you have to get ready for another blast of wintry weather. snow and ice are accumulating right now from california to wisconsin. by the time its over, the plains could see up to a foot of fresh snow. chad myers is in
for some people in china. >> just for a few more hours, patricia. a cold front is going to come through, the smog levels will drop. >>> good evening, live from the red carpet at the oscars, welcome to hollywood's biggest night. >> tonight, the stars. the speeches. >> oh, my god. >> the surprises. >> and the oscar goes to -- jean d desjardai desjardains. >> this is everything i'm talking about. >> if i'm doing a fake movie, it's gonna be a fake hit it all starts now. hollywood's biggest night the road to gold. s here your hos-- here's your h, piers morgan. >>> oz scar night in hollywood, the stars are here the world is watching, i'm right in the thick of it really, on the red carpet, the biggest names show business walk their way what-to-what will be the 85th academy awards, we can call it this year, the oscars. what a night it will be, covering it all, the styles, the surprise, the homes everyone talking about all happening right here, right now, with our special oscar preshow. and i have an all-star team joining me this spectacular night the roosevelt hotel, nischelle turner, above the
with products like the ipad mini. that sets it up for growth in places like china. meanwhile google is following apple in the innovation department. you tube and the money all comes from ads. i'm not sure how sustainable that is, richard. >> it's the entire objective that was to list the products, we are all much better informed. we are here to talk about the share price. you have to remember a share price is the reflection of the company not only the earnings, but investor beliefs for future growth. here it's all on the downside for apple. apple has a stench about it. nobody can say what or why, but there is a feeling that there is something nasty at the back of the fridge that needs to be emptied out. google on the other hand that doesn't have the same fierce competition that says apple has from android, they have competitors, but it's the industry standard. it still has many core markets that it is holding on to tighter than apple in its own domain. the share price i repeat is a reflection of earnings and investor sentiment. if you look at that share price, it's not surprising that they are g
countries, in complete turmoil. and also china. not particularly good. you can go down the list and on some of the hard issues, those really traditional foreign policy international policy issues. some critics would say she didn't accomplish much of anything and she leaves john kerry a pretty fragile world. other people would say, no, she actually injected into the conversation, changed the conversation about international policy. what she talked about and what she followed through on were the issues of women's development, economic development, children, family and increasing the conversation as she would put it with people around the world, not just talking to governments, but beginning this two-way conversation with people all over the world. so that debate is going to go on for a long time. >> we're watching secretary of state hillary clinton say farewell to some of the 69,000 state department employees. john king and gloria borger are here in the studio with me. she has now a record high in the washington post/abc news poll. a 67% favorability rating and from december, democrats, 65% o
you're looking at. that is the area blanketed by pollution blown in from china. air quality monitors registered air unhealthy for the elderly, the very young and those suffering from respiratory problems. >>> beyonce, the halftime, not the only performance on super bowl sunday. ♪ shaq, a beyonce fan, mouthing the lyrics to halo. not the first time shaq has done a beyonce sing along either. couple of years go he posted a video of himself doing the song "beautiful nightmare" in drag. shaq for you. >>> an asteroid half the size of a football field is hurdling towards earth as i speak. getting closer and closer now. the tug of earth's gravitational field will cause it to speed up. don't panic. experts say there is no chance that the space rock is on a collision course with our planet. stargazers in eastern europe, asia, and australia may actually get to catch a glimpse as it flies by us late next week. >>> the woman accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend multiple times takes the stand and says, well, yeah, she's the killer. heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me
. and the animals have become so plentiful a lot of homeowners shoo them out of their houses. >>> in china, skies celebrating, lighting up, celebration of new year, longstanding tradition, the festivities aimed at ensuring good health and good fortune. good for them. but if you are squeamish you might want to sit this out. we are talking about this according to the chinese calendar, this is the year of the snake. >>> all right. so these folks supposed to be celebrating, right? they or a carnival cruise ship called try ump, the ship is stranded in the gulf of mexico after this fire breaks out yesterday. we found out the coast guard cutter has arrived to try to tow the cruise liner to the nearest port in mexico. mean chyle, things getting pretty desperate on the ship. that's according to bethany, you see her there. she's on a girlfriends cruise, getting together, hanging out without the guys. so she's been calling her husband brent, there should be a picture of both of them. her cell phone -- there they are. her cell phone is not working. but we are checking in with brent, because brent, you heard
, the government, whoever the government may be, whether here in the united states or in europe or china will look at this particular event and start to change things. >> would you like some other government to decide to do something about this on their own? >> reporter: i just want somebody to do something about it, if it is going to happen. >> this one isn't going to hit us. not even going to hit our satellites, which is great, also. but you're right. we need to have -- think about this as a globe, as a civilization, as humanity itself, because i think it is beyond the capabilities of any single nation at this time to mount planetary protection. it is a lot of work. >> reporter: something we need to be thinking about. we were also talking about how this particular asteroid, what it is made up of. this meteorite behind us is dense. made up of orb. but this one, as you watch it tumbling past the planet, it might be more porous? >> most of the asteroids we have flown by with our spacecraft are porous, rubble piles of stoney material. only about 4% of rocks that come to earth as meteorites are iron,
control efforts, rob? >> well look, joe biden is kind of a bull that carries his own china closet and i'm sure the president cringes every time he sees vice president biden in front of a camera. the fact is jill biden's not going to walk out on the balcony and fire a double barrel shotgun but i'm glad that the vice president does admit it's okay for the citizens to have shotguns and as a republican who supports the second amendment he hope he continues to run point on this for aed this mrgs. >> interesting, john? >> joe biden is crazy like a fox here. the point is he's trying to blow through the false dichotomies expressed by making a point reasonable gun reform doesn't necessarily mean at all that you're against guns in general and if the self-defense argument can be ease ail dressed with a double barrel shotgun rather than an assault weapon whose sole purpose is to kill as many people as quickly as possible. it makes a lot of common sense on main street. >> final question, a new word to add to your vocabulary, smurfing and doesn't involve body surfing little blue people like smurfs. i
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